Stainless Steel Viking Futhark Rune Hair Beads

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Product Details: Viking Norse Futhark Rune Beads made from Stainless Steel. There are 24 different runes to choose from, we have added the names, meaning and the letter they represent to the drop down menu to help you choose. My beads are made from Solid Stainless steel so they won't tarnish or fade and very resistant to corrosion. Perfect to wear in hair and beards or added to a necklace or bracelet.

Bead Metal: Stainless Steel.

Bead Size: 1.1x0.9cm.

Bead Weight: 4g.

Bead Hole: 6mm.

** All sizes and weights are approximates only **

Dispatch Time: 1-3 Days
UK Delivery Estimate: 1-4 Days
Int'l Dispatch Time: 7-14 Days

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